Recent Work

Katie Noonan- Quicksand

Tafe Make Change Happen

River Cottage

Australian Unity

House of Arras

Paddock to Plate S2 Launch Promo


Click left to see the beautiful black and white spot for vocal diva Katie Noonan, shot with director Gavain Browne.

Take a look at the vibrant new spot for TAFE shot over a busy two days with Director Grant Marshall by clicking on the link to the left. All projection was done in camera, with projection mapped plates of the actors faces and wardrobe shot on Red Dragon. The plates were then projected back on to the actor's face and white generic wardrobe.

Tony has recently worked with Director David Tomley to produce a Launch spot for the upcoming River Cottage Australia Series. Have a sneak peek by clicking on the video to the left.

Click to the left to see the Australian Unity spot shot with Photoplay Films. Shot with Leica Summicron-C lenses on Red Dragon 6K with Andrew Johnson's proprietary 3 axis handheld stabilised gimbal. The ad was shot on location in Melbourne with director Husein Alicajic.

Take a look at Tony's work on the new Promo for Chef Matt Moran's upcoming new series "Paddock to Plate", by clicking on the image to the left.
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